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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

:: An Upgrade ::

So far I've blogged into this site for more than three years.. Time passes by so quickly, and its time to move on to another site.. I've been mesmerized by Apple since I got my first iMac and I'm stuck to them ever since.

My new blog page would be at http://web.mac.com/edwinksng/

It's basically part of my .Mac account that I've set up along with alot of other type of functionality.. well at least now I can arrange my pictures and text size as per my own liking. Eventually, I hope that this would be serve as a reminder to myself on how I actually started blogging.

See you on the next new blog!


Sunday, January 06, 2008

:: A new Beginning ::

Another year has pass by, this year seems a lil' quicker than the last.. Several things to be remembered by..
  1. Mindset, how you think will shape your future!
  2. Having read a lot of self-help books and find that the world is a much better place to live in.
  3. There are many people who want you to succeed and are willing to help you.
  4. There are those who want you to fail.
  5. Don't pre-judge.
  6. There's a lot of room to improve on. Physically and mentally.
  7. I have gain lotsa KG! about 4! and Lam says I look like a snowman.. fucker..
  8. China' food sucks! and Beijing is freakin' cold (avg -5 C' ) in winter time..
  9. I've climbed the World's Longest Wall.. Great Wall of China!
  10. 150,000 production record for this year.. :O
  11. A Dollar has fallen to a mere RM3.30 from RM3.70 early this year..
  12. Mac is the best!.. Got another Mac in June, MacBook Intel Duo Core 2.0Ghz (black) Yay!
  13. Shopping is haven in KL..
  14. Facebook is addictive.. i mean.. REALLY addictive.. especially Texas Hold Em'
  15. The world are very much connected now thru internet.
  16. Uncle Eddie passes on..
  17. I'm now a grand-uncle!.. my niece had a daughter!
  18. Malaysian fireworks are not the best.. Aussies' are..
  19. Pork Noodle in OUG is the best lunch on Sundays
  20. I still can't get rid of my oakley addiction.. not that i want to.. :) (cont. below..)
I went to Reliance on 30th of Dec and Ms Lim dragged me to the back of the shop and shoved me this Todd Francis designed Eyepatch™..

I have use all my might to resist it!.. but its futile when I heard from her it's the only one in Malaysia currently.. might be the only one ever.. Arghh!.. HOW TO RESISTS?!!! .. hahaahh!! now i'm wearing it proudly..

Can you just check out the design?! it's hilarious, twisted, subversive and flat-out brilliant!.. now i'm off to a good start in my New 2008 with my sunnies!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

:: Exhibitions and Events ::

For the past few weeks our KL has been bombarded by massive events here and there.. Almost everywhere you go there seems to be something happening.. Without fail every weekend there's a big one..

The big one I'm mentioning here is Live & Loud '07 - a total of about 50 artists and of 45 hours nonstop!! - touted to be the largest, most sensational and longest-running music festival in Asia! Well, of course I wouldn't wanna miss it!.. but at first thinking bout the ticket pricing and all.. sighh.. nevermind ler.. quite the expensive.

Luckily, few days before the event Boone called and told us that he actually have 3 free tickets worth RM263each!.. Yay.. we managed to grab Seong with us and crash into the party on the Saturday.. U see.. the party starts at Friday and ends at late late Saturday.. tat's why..Whitney Houston and Shaggy is performing on the second night thus we were there.. Held at Bukit Kiara Equestrian Park we took Seong's S-class and park right behind the stage.. hahah.. some sort of VIP fer us, the whole place is filled with securities but i guess cause we came in an S-class we were granted special access..

Anyway, only recently I found out that Live&Loud is held in several different places in KL.. namely: Shangri-la, Stadium Merdeka and Bkt Kiara.. anyway Kiara one was fun and huge. The only problem was we were there tad tooooooooo freaking early.. at 6pm.. it was all standing.. and you can imagine that.. my feet almost gave up on me..

The highlight for me? Elliot Yamin@8++?..

well.. sort off but actually it was when Shaggy came into stage at around 11pm and shatters everyone into laughters.. he was a good performer, especially with his sexual-figure-humour..

Too phat wasn't that bad either.. They performed right after Shaggy, like an opening-act for Miss Whitney Houston.. the funny thing is right before she came on stage, there was an annoucement stating to all attendees that we can't take her picture or video, else your device (hphone, camera) will be confiscated.. Interesting..

The night goes on till 1am before the International Diva came on.. I was dead freak tired.. I sat on the grassland right after Too Phat, couldn't take it anymore.. our Diva then took another 25mins.. before she shows up. It was like, Oh.. look there she is!.. but I'm not sure whether she's been outta the business for a long time or wat.. her singing wasn't up to expectation.. at all..

Is that the reason they told us we shouldn't take her picture/video??.. heheh.. not sure but I was tired and the song seriously.. sorry to say this "sucks".. we all just left for mamak..

All in all.. it was quite fun.. but all the waiting really spoils the fun.. i give it a 5/10.. but its free.. so its a 6.5/10..

Sunday, November 11, 2007

:: Top Gear ::

I just found out that there's: Clarkson’s New DVD: Supercar Showdown!!

I want this for Christmasssss!!!!... Being my official Favorite Auto TV show.. or should i say downloaded series.. Has never failed to put laughter on me and yet such massive educational series can't be missed!!..

Now I'm downloading their Season 10 Ep 2 - 4.. yippeee...!! So kan cheong!..

I wanna congratulate Clarkson again for winning a “Special Recognition Award”, a lifetime achievement award kind of thing. Also not forgetting my fav Auto TV Show.. TOP GEAR for winning two consecutive year of National Television Award..!! Woohoo!!

Thursday, November 01, 2007

:: The Boom of Shopping Complexes ::

Kay Ell - Sept 20th, 2007.. as we all love to call our beloved capital have yet to remain to surprise us with not one,, not two but THREE new shopping experience. Two out of three of them are an "upgrade" of their former self.. namely: Sunway Pyramid 2 and Midvalley The Gardens. Then the grand sum of the "most exciting shopping complex in Asia.. yet.." The Pavillion KL, was the most-talked about shopping excitement to hit KL.

Pyramid 2:
A RM550mil extension, with its Egyptian-inspired architecture, including its landmark pyramid structure with even a giant Sphinx is set to roar! With a built-up area of four million sq ft, the new wing is seamlessly connected to the existing structure at all four floors in what the management proudly calls a 360-degree loop corridor.

Unique shopping experiences are created with the introduction of five distinct retail precincts, viz, the Fashion Central, Marrakesh, Asian Avenue... and etc besides the array of brands and outlets, the two core tenants are Parkson and Jaya Jusco.

More distinctive elements, including the two new domes located at the Northern and Southern tip, themed according to the Sun God ‘Ra’ and ‘River Nile’ water symbol, with respective hues of orange and blue

The River Nile Dome Area

The Gardens:
A 9.7 acres development
RM1.5bil development that comprises within Mid Valley City (MVC) anchored by a high-end shopping gallery, two landmark office towers, five-star Gardens Residences and five-star Gardens Hotel. A five storey upmarket shopping gallery with FOUR anchors (the one I saw so far was only Isetan and Robinsons) plus 200 specialty shops!!..

Looking up from the 3rd Floor

Looking up from the Ground Floor

Pavilion KL: A new shopping experience - in line with New York's 5th Avenue, Tokyo's Ginza, and Milan - opened at Jalan Bukit Bintang on Sept 20.

The once old Bukit Bintang Girls Secondary School area has given way to Pavillion KL, a seven-storey building, which will have 450 outlets housing shops, food and beverage outlets and urban leisure areas.

Designer brands like Aigner, Club Monaco, Coach, Ermenegildo Zegna, Hermes, Hugo Boss, Juicy Couture, Prada and Versace are expected to house their products in this building which is strategically located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur's bustling shopping district. Pavilion KL to sum up in two words ……. Super Impressive!!

I think Pavilion KL will top the KL market as “THE” best lifestyle mall!! It certainly beats Suria KLCC hands down in terms of its layout, space, (vast vast space, I must add), decor, set up, retail selection and of course location, Location!!!

The Pavillion Kuala Lumpur

Looking into the center from the Entrance

From The 2nd Floor

From the Ground Floor

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

:: Uncle Lai I-Tee ::

So many things happened in these past month.. the most memorable one was the passing of my uncle Lai. It happens so suddenly, my mum gave me a call one Sept morning and told me my uncle passed away the night before.

Origin from Taiwan, he's one of the nicest uncle that I've had as well. A very calm and humorous person.. At first I thought he died from lung cancer or smoking-related diseases but the fact that he died sleeping in the car. Yup.. with air-condition turned on and windows up. The very same gold colored Toyota Camry that I drove around town when he left it in my house for save-keeping. That was one of those many times that he'll fly back to Taiwan.

The cremation was held in Nirvana Memorial after the 7day mass. Here I'd like to pray that he'll rest in peace and this post is created as a remembrance for his life spent with our family and friends.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

:: The Boom of Web Community ::

The boom.. yup.. as per said, was quite a sudden with the emergence of both facebook and myspace..

It has definately revolutionarized (there's no such word.. i'm making it up..) my weekends.. same goes to C&C3. Spending hours and hours on those lil' annonyin-yet-entertainin application tat kept poppin' up ur mainscreen..

I kinda feel sorry for both multiply and friendster.com, they're both definately the pioneer in these matter but hey like they say.. new boy in town always get the attention. Especially when he comes with lotsa toys.

It also creates a sort of dilemma.. now where do I wanna upload my pictures?.. Flickr? Multiply? Friendster? or my new playthang.. Facebook.com? Feeling like I'm gonna abandon the rest now.. But what's the point if there's no one gonna visit them? (yes.. i'm talkin bout the picture(s))

My darlin' yesterday introduce another new "revolutionary" site to the glorious world-wide-space-webby.. it's called Finetune.com.. goodness gracious.. now no one wanna buy audio CD no more.. Check it out and you'll know what I meant.

Signing' out ww-space-webby..